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Welcome to the sustainable world of UNiTWIST.
UNiTWIST is an European provider of glass products and sealing solutions.
It is very important to us that we avoid wasting materials and do not use hazardous substances in our products.
Our latest development is the BioSeal TO (=twist-off) lid - free of unwanted materials like PVC, BPA and plasticizer. We offer glass bottles in sizes from 3ml to 100ml and their matching closures. Twist-off-lids in different colors and sizes and special lids made from wood or silicone for WECK jars.

UNiTWIST stands for:

  • Fair production and trading
  • Cruelty-free
  • Waste reduction - noWaste concepts
  • Recyclable materials & less plastic
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Twist-off systems have become indispensable in industry and among consumers. Preserving jam and other food in domestic kitchens becomes more and more popular.
However, the perfect way to store the preserved food is a bit challenging. The filled jars must be sealed airtight (Vacuum).
We want to offer you an easy solution! Our UNiTWIST Twist-Off system is very easy to handle and sustainable at the same time.


Twist-Off jars and bottles have a special rotary cam lock system. On the outside of the opening, the jars have oblique ridges. The glass gets completely sealed by the internal gasket on the lid.
You only need the glass and the Twist-Off lid, no need of clips or rubber rings. We offer different glass openings with their matching lids.


The sealant and the BPA (Bishpenol A) free interior paint make the difference: Conventional Twist-Off lids usually contain questionable ingredients such as BPA, PVC and plasticizers (ESBO).
PVC, plasticizers and BPA can get into the filling and might be absorbed when we eat them. They accumulate in the body and are considered as a health concern.


We use the biological sealant BioSeal. It consists of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), which have internal elasticity even without PVC and plasticizers. The material has long been a proven standard for crown caps.
A conventional twist-off lid is treated with an (epoxy) paint containing BPA (bisphenol A) to protect against rust.
When choosing the interior paint for the BioSeal lids, we paid attention to offer you a sustainable solution without pollutants. We exclusively use paint without BPA for the interior lacquering.

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(Pharmacy) bottles come in numerous variations, colors and sizes. The bottles often have the same filling volume, but differ in height and width.
With this variety, it is difficult to find exactly matching closures to the required bottles.

How do I find the right closure for the bottle I need?

UNiTWIST arranges glass bottles and closures according to the "UT" system.
It is your personal Swiss Army knife for the right combination of (pharmacy) bottles, closures and accessories. You can see at first glance whether something fits together or not.
Thereby UNiTWIST offers bottles with 13 mm and 18 mm threads, made of clear, brown, black, green, red and blue glass. The filling volumes range from 3 ml to 100 ml. Matching and clearly marked closures are available in all variations.


All bottles and caps have been marked with the "UT" system by us. Bottles with identical filling volume and the same thread have the same dimensions. There are uniform designations.

Designation according to "UT" system: UT18/10

  • "UT" stands for UNiTWIST
  • "18" for an 18 mm thread
  • "10" for 10 ml filling capacity

When you select the products, just make sure that the same "UT" designation is given. If this matches, everything fits perfectly.


The right closure for your needs. You want to fill globules or different liquids like perfumes or oils? We have the right jar with the right closure for you.
We have high-quality closures such as glass pipettes, various screw caps, droppers, pump and spray caps in our range.
UNiTWIST Blackline, Redline, Blueline, Greenline:
Universal (pharmacy) bottles from 5 ml to 100 ml in a matte black finish. All Blackline bottles come with an 18 mm thread "UT18". Any cap marked "UT18" will fit. Promised!
Mini glass bottles with screw cap:
With the small (pharmacy) vials you can easily fill and portion very small amounts of liquids, but also solids. You can choose between 3 ml and 5 ml.
No matter which size and color you choose; All vials come with a 13 mm thread marked "UT13". Whether spray cap, screw cap or pipette, any cap marked with "UT13" will fit.
Simple, isn't it?


Don't worry, there is no need to throw away all your old glasses and caps immediately.
Generally, a cap with 18 or 13 mm thread will fit on "UT18" or "UT13" bottles. However, it may happen that the cap does not fit 100%.
Please note: Especially with pipettes you have to look very carefully if the bottle and the pipette match with each other.

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The brand "UNiTWIST" is subordinate to the company's philosophy of conscious and sustainable living.
Reducing the burden on the environment together:
We reduce or avoid waste in a targeted manner. All products are distributed according to the motto noWaste.


BioSeal Twist-Off Lids - The biological product innovation

Our lids do not need any additives: No PVC, no plasticizers, no BPA in the inner coating. By applying thicker sealing material, we were able to optimize the closing behavior with a longer closing path.
How do you recognize our lids?
You can recognize the biological lids by the white seal and the small BioSeal imprint on the outside of the lid.
You can use UNiTWIST Twist-Off lids with BioSeal several times in private households (The prerequisite is that the seal and paint are in good condition). In addition, they can be recycled very well and efficiently. No dioxin is produced and released during the melting process.

Twist-Off glasses

We have our glasses manufactured exclusively in Europe. This saves us long transport routes which protects the environment. Furthermore, we have the possibility to respond flexibly to your wishes and needs.
All jars are produced according to the standards for twist-off systems. Our jars are suitable for all foods and for preservation.
The glass can be easily and hygienically cleaned after use. You can use your twist-off jars several times.

Real eye-catchers: wooden lids with Twist-Off system

You would like to use your Twist-Off jars for storage, but don't want to hide them in the cupboard?
Our patented wooden lids add value to any Twist-Off jar. The self-developed hybrid construction of a BioSeal inner lid and a natural bamboo lid on the outside provides an airtight seal for the jars with a high-quality look.
Not suitable for boiling in a water bath, but for preserving jam.

UNiTWIST Pharmacy Bottles "Mini" UT13 with 13mm thread.

Perfectly suitable for very small quantities.
You choose between 3ml and 5ml filling volume. The bottles are available in the colors brown, clear and "frosted".
The following closures are available according to the proven UNITWIST system: Screw caps made of metal or plastic, pipettes in different colors and spray caps in black or white with transparent protective cap.

UNiTWIST (Universal)Pharmacy Bottles UT18 with 18mm thread

UNiTWIST pharmacy bottles are available from 5ml to 100ml.
We offer them in great colors like red, brown, green and blue. Of course, you can also choose from classy matte black or clear bottles.
The special feature: All bottles, whether 5ml or 50ml have an 18 mm thread. We offer guaranteed matching caps with 18mm thread. Either glass pipettes, various screw caps, droppers, pump caps or spray caps.
They all belong to the UT18 series and fit on every UT18 pharmacy bottle.


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